Trick Shot Specialists Land Unbelievable Shot From 500 Plus Feet


Forget those measly half and full court shots, which, when made in the NBA, has fans raving about it for weeks and months. What we have for you above is an incredible basketball shot from a mind-blowing distance of 561 feet by none other than Dude Perfect.

This crazy stunt was pulled off by a group of five that specializes in trick shots and other sports-related acts of insanity. In this video, Tyler Toney goes at the very top of Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas, while his buddies stay down in the parking lot, holding a movable hoop. Tyler then goes for the money shot from the distance of several hundred feet.

The video was posted on YouTube on December 30, and has already garnered half a million hits. Do you want to check out what all the fuss is about? Just hit play button to see an insane shot in the making!

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