Trump Gets Booed At US Open Because Even His Hometown Can't Stand Him

Donald Trump and his wife returned to his hometown of Queens where they were booed big time twice during the US Open.

The Donald has done it again, only this time he didn't even have to say anything stupid or racist to get a rise out of people. All he did was show his face. 

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Trump took a night off from campaigning to attend the US Open held at the USTA Tennis Center in Queens, New York with his wife Melania. 

Lo and behold, they were greeted with a roar of boos from the crowd as soon as they stepped out of the car and then again when Trump was shown on the jumbotron screen during a break in the match. 

He seemed totally unbothered by the ordeal as he ignored the boos the first time and then smiled and waved while appearing on the jumbotron.

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The guy of course has thick skin, you'd have to in order to try to run for president...but it probably pains him at least a little to know that so many people hate his guts, especially in his own home town. Ouch!  

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