These Activists Are Showing Their Appreciation For Cops In A Unique Way

Instead of condemning the police, this group is celebrating them for their services.


New York based traveling theater organization “The Truth Urban Theater Group” is trying to remove the burgeoning animosity born between cops and civilians – especially the black community – in the light of recent incidents of police brutality. To repair the broken relationship between the two groups, the members of the theater group have devised a unique, yet influential campaign called “Cards for Cops.”

In a bid to thank the police for their services and to appreciate their efforts, the young actors from The Truth UTG are distributing colorful “Thank You” cards to the officers all over the city.

“We felt that the easiest way to go up to an officer without making them feel uncomfortable is by giving them something that for everyone is easy to accept, which is a card,” said Shadrack Boakye, president of the group.

Prepared with the help of young children, these cards have received a generally positive reception. There are some cops who refused to accept the cards when the group members approached them, but most of them were really thankful for this act of kindness.

“When we presented the cards, there was this moment when [the officers] realized they were getting something and they weren't getting yelled at,” said group member Melee in an interview with Mic. “There was like this 'aha' moment that lit up their faces.”

In addition to celebrating the positive work done by the cops, this campaign is also playing a role in breaking stereotypes that depicts all black people as criminals – atleast in the eyes of the law enforcement agency which has been in the spotlight for their racist antics for some time now. 

Watch the video posted below to see the reactions of police officers when the group members presented them with thank you cards.

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