TSA Confiscates Kid's 'Threatening' Buzz Lightyear Toy

A little boy's first trip to Disney World ended in tears after airport security took away his souvenir because it "looked like" a firearm.

A five-year-old boy is now without his new souvenir from his first trip to Disney World. It was confiscated by TSA at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport because it “looked like a gun,” according to Mashable.

The boy’s father, David Zilka, said in an interview that taking a toy from a child isn’t an effective way to enhance national security.

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"Once he realized what was happening, that they weren't giving his toy back, he immediately starts bawling, just tears streaming down his face, crying," Zilka said of his son's reaction.

Zilka said he was told that “realistic replicas of firearms” are only allowed in checked luggage, but his family had only brought carry-ons for their trip.

Did TSA go too far in this case? It would definitely seem that way. As much as we want airport security to do all it can to put safety first, this is going a little overboard.

Yes, toys are replaceable but the principle of the matter is that civilians shouldn’t be made to feel violated or criminalized by the very people who are hired to help and protect them.

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The ironic part is that; while TSA is regulating toys that vaguely resemble guns, we can’t even get politicians to implement stronger gun control laws throughout the country. People are going around using real guns to take real lives on the street everyday … Perhaps TSA should also be in charge of legislation.  

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