Some People Don't Know Flying With Grenades Isn't OK. Inside The TSA's Instagram.

TSA's Instagram account is a trove of awesome. Here are 10 crazy things they've confiscated.

Conventional (OK, Mafioso) wisdom tells us to leave the gun, take the cannoli. Some airline passengers missed the message.

The Transportation Security Administration has an unreal collection of contraband officials confiscated from passengers at security checkpoints. We understand if you forgot to throw out your water bottle -- but who think it's OK to take a knife/brass knuckles combo on a plane?! 

The TSA's Instagram account is a gold mine of confiscated item photos. It's not just the photos; the blue-shirted TSA officers aren't known for their sense of humor, but the officials running this Instagram clearly have fun in the captions sometimes.

It's time for some people to pack some common sense.


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