Attention Travelers: Please Go Through This List Of 12 Actual Banned Items By The TSA VIDEO


In order to avoid any sort of inconvenience this holiday season, Reason TV on YouTube has prepared a pretty reasonable list of “12 actual banned items from the TSA.”

The Transportation Security Administration’s list of banned items usually irritates travelers eager to board a plane to meet their loved ones on Christmas.

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TSA official Nico Melendez told CBS Local that the main issue that causes delays is when passengers forget to remove prohibited items from carry-on baggage.

Passengers just need to look through their bags before they come to the airport, be it knives, scissors, and in some cases, loaded handguns are coming to the checkpoint. So take a look in your bags before you come here. You’re traveling for the holidays, the last thing we want you to do is spend the night in jail because you forgot to take your gun out of your bag,” he was quoted as saying.

Do check out the list in the video above.

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