Can These Village Children Beckon An Airplane To Land In Their Backyard?

Grab a Kleenex and watch this video. Its brilliance might move you tears.

Turkish Airlines is known for its celebrity-studded and super viral ads.

However, this time around the national flag carrier airline of Turkey ditched all its signature glitz and glamour to produce – yet again – one of the most memorable spots of the year so far.

Although the advertisement was released a month ago, it didn’t do as well as it should have, probably because it didn’t feature sports legends such as  NBA superstar “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant and soccer legend Lionel Messi.

The two-minute commercial tells a story about a group of four kids who live in a small village by a Turkish countryside. Their “big” dream is to have a plane land in their backyard and to achieve it, they try to beckon the jetliners with the help of a makeshift landing strip.

Initially, all their efforts are in vain. The massive aircrafts pass by their village obliviously almost every day and just when they turn their backs on the idea – out of despair – something really amazing happens that changes everything.

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The ad quite obviously touts the fact that Turkish Airlines is committed to flying, not just internationally, but domestically as well. But the way the creators of the spot have portrayed it is, hands down, absolutely brilliant.

It may not go as viral as “Selfie-Shootout” or “Legends On Board”, but it truly is as remarkable.

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