Turn The Struggle For Productivity Into A Game With These Three Apps

There's nothing worse than trying, and failing, to be productive. Taking that first step is the hardest part and these apps aim to help make it easier.

Turn The Struggle For Productivity Into A Game With These Three Apps

Being productive can be difficult and, unfortunately, getting started is the hardest part. However, thanks to the Internet there are ways to turn the struggle for productivity into games.

Here are three of the best.


Habit RPG

Habit RPG, also known as Habitica, is a webpage and smartphone app that turns your everyday activities into a role playing game.

Just like a traditional RPG, players can design their own digital avatar, customize his/her weapons and armor, and add skills and abilities as they progress. Unlike a traditional RPG, Habitica users grow their stats and battle monsters by crossing off items on daily to-do lists and investing in desired habits.

Players can form parties (perfect for workplaces) and work together to take on together enemies. The whole party benefits from a win but it will also suffer if someone’s lagging, which leads to a built in sense of team accountability that’s perfect for startups.


Super Better

Super Better is an app for those palm-sweat inducing, gigantic goals in life. Things like giving up smoking, or losing weight, would fall under that umbrella.

The App functions similarly to Habitica but the “bad guys” in this game are your own bad habits and your “allies” are friends you’ve enlisted to keep you accountable.

Super Better also puts emphasis on tracking both your physical and emotional health as you progress. You earn points, not just for crossing off boxes, but for crossing them off in wise and practical ways.

This game is all about overcoming weaknesses and becoming an everyday hero!


Game Effective

Habitica and Super Better is a good choice for personal, or professional, discipline. But Game Effective was designed from the ground up with business productivity in mind.

What makes Game Effective truly interesting is that it is able to integrate with the enterprise apps you already use to run your business. This means you can attach it to the CRM your sales team uses and watch as their natural competitive instincts are given an efficient outlet through the game elements the system adds to the data.

Game Effective also offers detailed metrics, clear goals, and what they call, “compelling narratives” in order to motivate the entire team.

Hopefully, one, or all, of these apps can help you become more productive and less lethargic as 2016 comes careening around the corner!

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