TV Reporter Makes Kid Cry On First Day Of School

A TV reporter makes an adorable four-year-old cry after asking him if he is going to miss his mom on the first day of school.

An adorable four-year-old boy perfectly sums up the excitement and sadness we have all felt on the very first day of school in a television interview.

Pre-kindergartner Andrew Macias was interviewed by a KTLA reporter about his first day of school. When reporter Courtney Friel asks him if he is going to miss his mother, he shyly answers “No,” and the two laugh together.

But his laughter quickly turns to tears and we all immediately flash back to that heartbreaking childhood moment of having to say good-bye to our parents right before the start of school.

Although Macias, with a hug from mom, went off to school just fine, Friel felt understandably guilty of the incident, with many accusing the reporter of being insensitive.

First Day of School

little boy cry on first day of school

Some Facebook commenters, however, came to Friel’s defense.

LAUSD Students

Friel is still a little shaken about the encounter, admitting she’s now nervous to send her kids off to school.


This breaks my heart and now I'm anxious about sending my kids to school! He was trying to be so brave!

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