TV Reporter Brings Journalism to Marathon But Fails To Keep Up

June 3, 2014:The world has failed to keep pace with Kenyans in long-distance races, but this TV reporter thought she could do better.

Some reporters go to great lengths to prove that they take their jobs very seriously. The best of them take pride in embarking on difficult missions, if the unveiling of some truth or exclusive information rewards the risk.

While these gambles sometimes pay off, on other occasions they don't, as was in the case of a Swedish TV reporter. At the recent ASICS Stockholm Marathon, the journo in question came all pumped up to cover the event and churn the story that would help her climb up the career ladder.

To do something different, she tried to add the marathoners' in-race version by running with them. The two athletes she tried to keep pace with were Kenyans –Benjamin Bitok and Nixon Machichin. Mind you, Kenyan long-distance runners are world famous for their unmatched stamina and endurance levels. They have dominated marathons for decades, but it was a point lost on the female reporter.

Her desire to record their in-race perspective was so strong that she put her running sneakers on, clung on to the microphone and jumped right in the middle of the action.

To see a reporter running with them freaked eventual winner Benjamin Bitok too. However, before he could make sense of it, the reporter had started to lose ground, and was soon out of the picture.Bitok looked back and tried asking Machichin if he knew what that was all about but got no response.

Perhaps, she could try again when the Olympics take place in Rio de Janeiro in two years' time.

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