TV Show Sequels Get Hilarious Makeovers

June 27, 2014: This is what our favorite TV shows from the past would be if they had sequels.

Some TV series are so addictive and mesmerizing that their fans can't stop talking about it even years after their conclusion. They dream about sequels, prequels and spinoffs, but rarely do their wishes come true.

One such round of wishful thinking occurred on Twitter. The trend #TVShowSequels, came up with hilarious sequel ideas for TV shows that have ended.

This is the best of what it had to offer:

The Golden Urns




Two and a Half Grams


Breaking Good




Knight Googler




Honey Boo Boo... 30 Years Later


The Golden Girls Reunion


Keeping Up With the Carb-dashians


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – The Walking Dead Version

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