TV Weatherman Scot Haney Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit Live On Air (WATCH)


Warning: Do not watch this video if you are eating something.

TV weatherman Scot Haney thought he spotted some Grape Nuts on the floor while filming live evening news. Without wasting any time he picked them up off the floor and ate them, leaving his other colleagues totally surprised.

Scot later announced on the show that what he ate was cat vomit that had come from his shoe.

He said: "'My cat threw up, and I must have stepped in it and that’s what I ate."

The entire event was broadcast live by WFSB, a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Conn., on Wednesday.

Scot also took to Twitter to share this cringe-worthy incident with his followers.

Watch the moment Scot ate cat vomit after mistakenly thinking it was food, in the video above.

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