Done With The Dress? Try These Twisted, Mind-Bending Illusions.

Amna Shoaib
Do NOT drive after looking at these mangled illusions.

This week, the Internet sparked another meaningful debate among its billion users, one that eclipsed the discourse on vaccines, freedom of speech and the Israel-Gaza conflict.

What is the color of this dress?

The Dress

This dress broke families, led to armed conflicts and divided people into two groups: people who saw white and gold, and people who were utterly, absolutely wrong. (But actually right: the dress is blue and black. Just accept it.)

Science eventually explained this phenomenon, which only sent us looking for more mind-mangling, twisted optical illusions.

The checker shadow illusion

shadow illusion

The blocks A and B are of the same shade.

The train illusion

Which way is the train moving?

The stripes illusion

The stripes illusion

The green and blue stripes are actually the same color.

Orange and brown

Orange and brown

The brown square on the top of this cube and the orange square at the center of the shaded side are of the same color.

The spinning woman

Stare at her long enough and you can see her spin clockwise or counter-clockwise

Neon color spreading illusion

Neon color spreading illusion

The blue circle in the middle is actually just white background.

The haywire chessboard

The haywire chessboard

All the lines on this chessboard are perfectly straight horizontal or vertical.

The Ponzo illusion

The Ponzo illusion

The two green lines are actually of the same length.