Twitter Erupts With Gleeful Mockery Towards Obama's Rainbow Hands Picture

According to this photo, Obama's trip to Jamaica was a magical success.

Recently, the official photographer of President Obama, Pete Souza, posted this seemingly magical photo of Obama waving goodbye to Jamaica with a rainbow emerging out of his hand. It is a perfectly timed photo that reminds me of Captain Planet. If only our President had blue skin, green hair, and a perfectly diverse cast of teenagers following him.

And of course, the internet responded with gleeful mockery.


On this trip to Jamaica, President Obama visited the Bob Marley museum, met with the Jamaican Prime Minister, met with leaders of the Caribbean Community, and led a town hall with University of the West Indies students. He was very well received, even receiving love and praise from the Prime Minister. This was even after he wrongly called her Madam President, which was not her correct title. That makes the rainbow picture even more perfect. 

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