#NewSongsForPoliticians Cleverly Voices Twitter's Political Discontent

The new hilarious hashtag that's sweeping Twitter.


With all the ongoing, seemingly neverending coverage about the 2016 election, it can get a bit tedious reading about politicians day in and day out. Thankfully, we can always rely on the witty on Twitter to provide some entertaining respite from Trump’s latest offensive comment of the day.  

#NewSongsForPoliticians reworks existing song titles to more accurately reflect the POV of some of our favorite people in Washington (or, considering the candidates in this election, not in Washington).

These hilarious tweets are some of the best that have emerged from this hashtag—calling out our leaders as liars seems to be the running theme. Props to the people who are constantly finding creative new ways to express their disillusionment with government. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @RockTheVote 

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