Muslims On Twitter Hilariously Rejected ISIS's Call For Recruitment

When an ISIS leader sent out a message urging all Muslims to join their fight against the West, Muslims used Twitter to thoroughly troll ISIS.

On Sunday night, ISIS leader Abubakr Al Baghdad sent a message to all Muslims via audio message to come join ISIS’s fight and abandon the Western world. Arab Spring activist Iyad El-Baghdadi translated the messages on Twitter, conveying Baghdad’s call to arms: “We urgently call upon every Muslim to join the fight, especially those in the land of the two shrines (Saudi Arabia), rise.”

ISIS has been quite successful in online recruitment thus far, leading many individuals to radicalize, but this attempt majorly backfired—the response to Baghdadi’s tweets was hilarious and perfect. 

Muslim Twitter users demonstrated their complete disdain for Baghdad’s message and trolled ISIS in the best sense, relaying mundane reasons for being unable to join their fight. 

Tweets such as these are really the only acceptable responses to ISIS. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @jimEastridge1

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