The Santa Of Weed Hiding Pot Around Vancouver

A new Twitter scavenger hunt has Canadians chasing a free high with marijuana hidden around the city.

Hiding Pot

There’s a man on Twitter hiding plastic containers full of marijuana for anyone who is adventurous enough to participate in his game.

A photo posted to Twitter shows five different colored canisters that will be distributed around Vancouver.

Scavenger hunts on Twitter seem to be the next big thing. The pot hunt comes just a few weeks after a mysterious rich man sent San Francisco on a merry chase around town looking for $100.

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“The last real estate deal I did I made about half a million dollars. I can afford to give a lot,” San Francisco's mystery man said

No one knows the motive behind this Santa of weed’s game, but there is anticipation and excitement in the air.

The @HiddenWeedYVR twitter account began posting photos of locations around Vancouver giving clues to finding free pot.

People who recover the “prizes” are asked to tweet a picture back to the account so it can be re-tweeted.

Canadians seem to be getting more and more adventurous with their online scavenger hunts. Some time back there was someone hiding $100 bills around Vancouver, then it was free beer and now pot.

Vancouver Police are reminding people that marijuana possession without a license is illegal.

How long can Vancouver residents chase down the free pot? The mystery man's answer is straightforward: 

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