"Body Positive" Movement Causes Influx Of Revealing Selfies On Social Media

There is always a downside to social media trends, even if it’s about body positivity.

The online "Body Positive" movement is taking social media by storm. Granted, the topic has always been quite popular on the Internet, but the number of tweets with this particular inspirational tag is reach new heights. We have YouTuber Lindsay Demeola to thank for it.

Over the International Women’s Day weekend, the feminist YouTuber encouraged her fans to post their pictures online solely to boost their self-confidence. They responded immediately and Twitter was burgeoned with the pictures of people who wanted to cultivate a healthy sense of body image among the youth.

Unlike many other – popular yet extremely silly – Twitter trends, this one is certainly making a difference. However, it has also convinced young girls to share pictures in bathing suits and underwear. Unsurprisingly, most of the several thousands tweets under this tag comprise of revealing selfies.

Even though the intention of this movement is quite positive and healthy, the massive number of risqué selfies poses questions about Internet safety.

Meanwhile, the hashtag gave a lot of people confidence to come forward, accept themselves and be happy with how they look, which is truly inspirational:

Even those who are not partaking in the trend are supporting others. 

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