Two Blind Cows Form Adorable Friendship At Farm Sanctuary

Love is blind, but so are these two barnyard friends. They were both saved from slaughter and have been best buds ever since.

Just because they're blind, doesn't mean they don't have feelings. 

Two blind cows have become inseparable bovine bosom buddies after they were both rescued and brought to the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.

Sweety and Tricia have charmed visitors with their intense, sightless friendship after both were saved from being killed as a result of not being “useful.”

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According to the shelter director Susie Coston, Tricia had been easily scared and not very sociable due to being unable to see. She fell into a depression after her former best friend died.

“She was very depressed and bellowing all the time,” said Coston according to ABC News. “Then we got a call about Sweety.”

Sweety was a dairy cow in Canada who was considered “spent” and was about to be killed before the sanctuary rescued her from the slaughter line. Now these two don't go anywhere without each other and watch over one another like true friends.

Watch this heartwarming video to see how the two disabled cows became best buds and interact together. 

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