Two Blind Sisters' Reaction To Seeing For The First Time Will Leave You In Tears

Grab a box of tissues. You'll need it. Two sisters, Sonia and Anita, had been blind since birth.

However, a 15-minute “miraculous” eye surgery made it possible for them to see their home for the first time.

A Brooklyn-based company Blue Chalk Media documented the heartrending story of the two girls and converted it into a beautiful short film. The film was selected by National Geographic as part of the channel’s mission to inspire young people to care about the planet.

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In developing nations like India disabled people – especially if born in poor families – are often subjected to abuse.

A 2004 UN survey in Orissa, India, found that every woman with disabilities had experienced some form of physical abuse and many had been forced into begging or prostitution for money.

In order to help Anita and Sonia escape such a fate, nonprofit “20/20/20” provided a free operation to the two girls.

“The two sisters are among 20 million children and adults that could have their eyesight restored through a 15-minute surgery that costs just $300 – but that’s still unaffordable for a poor family that is living on a dollar a day,” states WonderWork, a charity organization that runs 20/20/20.

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Watch how the two sisters react when they have their bandages removed after the surgery in the video above.

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