Ford And Cadillac Are Publicly Fighting Over The American Dream. It's Fantastic.

First aired during the Super Bowl in February, a commercial for Cadillac's ELR spurred criticism -- and, recently, a rebuttal from competitor Ford.

The commercial above, "Poolside," starring actor Neal McDonough, first aired during Super Bowl XLVIII in February and showcased the $75,000 Cadillac ELR. It also drew criticism for what some considered to be its celebration of a narrow, chauvinistic depiction of Americans as dollar-chasing workaholics.

In the video below, a much different facet of the American experience is displayed. Instead of an affluent suburb, Ford, mimicking the format but certainly not the message of Cadillac, sets its commercial at an urban farm in Detroit. In place of an actor portraying a wealthy professional, the real-life co-founder of Detroit Dirt, Pashon Murray, is the star.

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