WWYW: What Would Yeezus Wear? Now You Don't Have To Wonder

Two friends recreate the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s most iconic looks. As if Kimye needed more adoration.

The days of playing dress up has taken a new turn – at least for Kathleen Lee and Katie Burroughs who are both fans of Kanye West. The two friends have worked together to recreate the star and his wife Kim Kardashian’s most iconic looks.


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Inspired by their shared love of Kanye fashion, they started a blog together on Tumblr, called #WWYW, or “What Would Yeezus Wear.”


#wwyw #whatwouldyeezuswear #kimye #katye #kanye #kimkardashian #style #fashion

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The pair evidently always ends up in a friendly bicker about who gets to dress up as Kanye – not Kim.  Because, of course, Kanye is the more fashionable one.

The friends made sure to include the famous couple’s daughter, North West, in their recreated moments.

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There’s no going wrong with this kind of fandom – even if a lot of people will be more than just a little amused at these recreated moments of one of the most talked-about celebrity couples.  

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