Two-Time Murderer Tries to Find Another Wife On Dating Show

May, 9, 2014: Man who openly admits to killing two females is looking for a new date.

You can't go on a dating show as a contestant when you have murdered not one but two ladies.

Recently in Turkey, a 62-year-old man named Sefer Calinak showed up on a local TV program, Luck of the Draw, and shamelessly told the show host that he had murdered a wife and a girlfriend back in the day.

As expected, his revelation stunned everyone in attendance, including the host, who proceeded to ask the two-time murderer a few questions before telling him to leave her show amidst a roar of applause from the audience.

Despite his horrible crimes, Calinak sported an evil smile on his face throughout his cameo and tried to present himself as a man with a clean slate due to the prison terms he had served for his crimes.

Offering explanations for his crimes, he said he killed his first wife at the age of 17 because her behavior had changed after five months of marriage. She was his cousin, and the two had married after falling in love.

That first murder got him slapped with a prison sentence of almost 14 years, of which he did only four and a half years before getting amnestied. Following another failed marriage, he then had an affair with an already married woman whom he killed too, although he claims it was an accident.

The law didn't share that opinion and sent him behind bars for his second stint. However, he again got amnestied and served just a fraction of his prison term.

In his own words, "I killed her after she attempted to kill me. She was accidentally killed when I swung the axe."

It's that logic of his that got the host and the crowd enraged and got him kicked off the show. His brazen honesty made the front page of many Turkish newspapers, and later, the international media picked it up too.

In a separate interview, he accepted defeat in finding a wife through a TV show but implied that he is still open to meeting a new life partner via conventional channels. Let's hope whoever becomes the Mrs. Calinak number 3 doesn't suffer the same fate as her predecessors.


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