Two-Year-Old D.C. Girl Got Fined $75 For Littering

Carol Nisar
A cute little two-year-old girl was fined nearly $100 by Washington, D.C. city officials who found an envelope with her name on it on the ground.

A family residing in Washington, D.C. was shocked to discover a citation in their mail stating that their two-year-old daughter was fined for littering. The toddler "culprit" denied the allegations and her mother was appalled at the district’s behavior, which is pretty ridiculous considering the odds.  

On Thursday, Harper Westover, aged 2, received a $75 ticket from the city’s Department of Public Works. She was fined for allegedly dropping unopened mail on the ground in the alleyway behind her house in northeastern Washington, D.C., The Washington Post reported.

While it could have been a simple clerical error, Harper’s mom, Theresa Westover, who so happens to be an attorney, decided to figure out what was really going on. She called up the solid waste inspector and explained that it wasn’t possible for her daughter to have dropped the envelope, she told The Washington Post.

Westover said, “I explained that she’s not legally responsible for actions at the age of two and asked if she would rescind the ticket. And she basically said she wouldn’t rescind the ticket.”

She added that in all likelihood the trash collector may have accidentally dropped the letter while picking up the trash bags and carrying them through the alleyway out to the truck.

Finally, on Friday evening, an official from the Department of Public Works said that they would waive the fee after seeing Harper and her mother prepare to do a television interview.


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Photo credit: YouTube screenshot, Chuck Westover