Two-Year-Old Girl’s Adorable Birthday Message For Her Dad (VIDEO)

Two-year-olds never fail to impresses the internet. We just absolutely love them.

A few weeks ago, baby Claire went viral for wishing her mom ‘happy birthday’ and now another two-year-old Chech is trending with her precious birthday message for her dad who just turned 29.

The video which was posted by a family friend on Reddit, has been shared multiple times on the internet and is gaining lots and lots of views

Here’s what Redditors have commented on the video:


Two-year-olds are permanently drunk.


The great thing about now is that he can go on his youtube account and watch that whenever he's down.


Besitos are...kisses right? My high school spanish is failing me.


She simultaneously has the cutest and most annoying voice


Damn, my nephew is 4 and my niece is 3 and they still can't talk as well as this girl can.

Enjoy the video above.

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