These People Just Broke The World Record For Toppling Books Like Dominoes

Over 5,000 books toppled in a domino fashion. Great masterpieces aren't just meant for reading – they can double as dominoes.

Workers at U.K. snack company  United Biscuit achieved a world record for toppling books like dominoes. The sales team from the company had their annual sales conference and marked it with a remarkable success. 

The target was to break a record of 4,988 books/dominoes. Given that 182 books failed to tip over, the staff still managed to break this record by toppling 5,500 books. It took 2 minutes and 27 seconds, reported Guinness.

The entire room was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as the U.K. sales team set off to break the record. 

Even more interesting is the fact that the Guinness World Record Team informed the staff just two hours earlier the event that they were about to attempt a world record. 

Senior Projects Manager at Guinness World Records, Alan Pixsley, talked about this achievement and said, "To achieve this challenging Guinness World Record title, the United Biscuits team demonstrated patience, procession, courage and dedication throughout the entire event."

Nobody knew if they would be able to break the record, but upon success, the team roared with excitement and happiness.

The video was released by Guinness World Records on March 5, World Book Day.

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