Ukraine's Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra Surprises Outdoor Market With "Ode To Joy" Flash Mob

The Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra gives a flash mob performance of Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" in an outdoor market under conductor Hobart Earle.

With the current geopolitical struggles in Eastern Europe, including Russia's recent exclusion from the G8 summit, the Crimean conflict, and more, it can be easy to assume that  the region is a dismal, desolate place. But this weekend, the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra showed that there is still reason for joy in the turbulent political climate. Under conductor Hobart Earle, the musicians took to an outdoor market and gave an impromptu performance of Beethoven's "Ode To Joy."

Although the flash mob did not have an explicit political message, "Ode To Joy" is called the European Anthem, a representation of all Europeans, not just the European Union. Maybe the musicians are using their craft to make a statement about being Europeans (and not Russians), or maybe they are just trying to lighten the tone in a tense environment.  Regardless, they give an incredibly moving performance of Beethoven's iconic piece.

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