'Un-American' Toy Jet Gets Backlash For Playing Muslim Prayer Chant

A toy manufacturing error has parents outraged that their kids have been exposed to a "scary" Muslim prayer chant.

People are ordering their kids toy fighter jets that come with a bizarre religious twist and they are not okay with it ...

Instead of typical jet rumbles and buzzes, the F-16 fighter jet toy manufactured by the company WolVol, plays a rendition of a prayer that Muslims typically chant during the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca.

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toy jet play prayer

"That's wrong. That's very, very wrong," Nadeem Israr, president of the Islamic Society of Whatcom County in Washington, reportedly told local television station KING, adding that the mix-up likely happened at the factory where the plane was produced.

WolVol hasn’t offered an explanation for the mistake, but they reportedly admitted it was likely to have occurred at their factory.

What’s even stranger about the whole ordeal, is that WolVol is supposedly a U.S.-based company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

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Consumers who have purchased the toy jet for their kids were not pleased; the reviews are flooded with warnings about the unexpected chanting with some calling it “scary” and “un-American.”

Although the error is pretty bizarre for a child's toy, peoples' angry reactions are just further drilling Islamophobia into American society. It's not like the chant promotes negative messages. All you have to do is send the toy back and notify the company of the mistake. 

Toy plane makes sound of Islamic prayerToy plane sold by Amazon plays Islamic prayer instead of jet noises

Amazon plane toy plays Muslim prayers instead of making jet noises

Toy F-16 sold on Amazon plays Islamic prayer

Would consumers be as outraged if the toy randomly played an American song or would that be considered a humorous blunder by the company? 

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