Why Would This Policeman Trip Students On The Soccer Field?

April, 22, 2014: A cop goes overboard with his job and trips high school students who were invading the pitch.

It's one thing being a good, responsible police officer, but totally another to turn into a jerk on the job.

This is what happened in Austin, Texas last weekend when the Vandegrift High School's girls' soccer team won the University Interscholastic League championship.

The winning team's friends and classmates rushed on to the pitch to celebrate their win together – a common happening at the end of most finals. An invasion of the pitch by fans is never liked by organizers but when it occurs at the end of a championship when no more games are to be played, it is generally acceptable.

So, the mood was festive until a cop named George Bermudez from the Georgetown Police Department stepped in and started tripping those who had stormed onto the pitch. He even manhandled a few before showing them off the pitch.

One of the students he tripped was seen limping off the area.

The unnecessary show of force was caught on camera by a student who then posted the video online. Later, the incident was picked up by the local media too, after which the Georgetown Police Department took notice.

Bermudez has now been placed on administrative leave while the department investigates the incident. The evidence in the video posted above is quite conclusive, meaning this isn't going to end well for the cop in question. A lengthy suspension should perhaps be imposed to deter any such incidents in future.

Police officers' street powers in the US have risen significantly in the past few years, so it isn't surprising for cases of police brutality to pop up every now and then. More on that can be found here.

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