Unruly Pig Kicked Off Airplane

Quick, make every "when pigs fly" joke you can think of.

A pig got kicked off a flight for boorish behavior this week, including his inability to use the in-flight bathroom.

The porker was riding on a US Airways flight as a support animal when he started to run amok. His owner tried to calm the pig and take care of the smelly problem, but to no avail.

"The pig is incontinent," fellow passenger Jonathan Skolnik told the Associated Press.

The 70-lb. pig was on a leash, but it didn't stop him from going hog wild in the cabin. Eventually, the support pig and his owner were asked to leave the flight. 

Support animals are allowed on flights, provided they don't, you know, poop everywhere. If the thought of a pig hogging the window seat tickles you, here's the best news: Regulations also allow monkeys and mini horses on planes as support animals.

Provided, of course, that they can hold their bathroom breaks until the plane reaches cruising altitude. 

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