U.S. Government Fights Terrorism And Hate Crime With Cute Videos

U.S. government employees are working overtime and spending hours creating videos for one good reason–Keeping Us Calm.

Terrorist attacks and incidents hate crime on the rise around the world have obviously stressed people out. Many of them are apparently even afraid to step out of their homes into a public place.

The U.S. government has apparently stepped in to save the day.

According to RUNT, the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry has passed direct orders to the Office of Public Engagement (OPE) to create adorable and funny videos with cute baby animals to distract Americans in a time of crisis. The intent is apparently to “aim for the feelz” and keep the American audience engaged in watching adorable online videos to prevent them from reading about violence on their phones.

 “Usually, we have a ton of heartwarming ‘Pets Welcoming Soldiers Home’ videos we kind of keep in our back pocket for times like these,” says Gordon Mowery, Chief of Staff at the OPE. “Sadly, we used most of those up around Veteran’s Day, so it’s back to the drawing board.”

As a result, hundreds of funny videos are flooding the internet and social media sites as employees of the government work overtime producing them.

Although experts are saying that such tactics don’t work anymore, as they failed during 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Haiti earthquake, Mowery and his committee is still forging ahead with creating lighter videos to engross the public.

If this really is the case, and such videos do actually manage to distract people, we would like to contribute to the cause with the following (We are sure the Office of Public Engagement has better things to do):  

In the meanwhile people are being encouraged to stay strong in these terrible times, and hold on to the hope that the world will become a better place soon. Many people are even volunteering and making efforts to spread happiness around. 

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