Every Man Who Serves His Country Deserves A Friend Like This

When a Marine asked his friend to watch his house while he was gone, he never expected this on his return.

Master Sgt. Jacinto Bernardo, an Iraq war veteran, retired after 21 years in the Marine Corps. He recently purchased a house -- all he could afford was a rundown place.

While on his last tour of duty in Japan, he asked his boot camp buddy Jeremy Epperson to keep an eye on his home while he was away.

His friend, loyal as he was, did just that -- and more.

When Bernardo got home last week, he was surprised to find a limo waiting for him at the airport. But that wasn’t all.

What he saw when he got home from the airport was nothing less than a shocker. He found himself standing in front of his house -- or was it? He could hardly recognize it.

His friend Jeremy had taken it upon himself to renovate his retiring buddy’s home and boy, did he do a fine job.

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He raised money and support to do roughly $70,000 in renovations to the Marine’s house. He named the renovation program “Homecoming Heroes.”

So when Bernado came back he saw standing in front of him was a refurbished version of his rundown house; equipped with all the necessities of life.

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Jacinto, who was extremely touched, shed a few tears when he spoke to the local news about it. He believed there are other veterans who deserve it more than he does.

“Those guys that didn’t make it back and those guys that didn’t make it in one piece, they deserve this, not me,” he said.  

Doesn’t a video like this just restore your faith in humanity?

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