US Tourists Arrested For Carving Names On Colosseum

Two tourists from California have been caught and will be charged for vandalizing a Roman monument.

2 US tourists face charges for damaging Colosseum

Two American tourists have been arrested after carving their initials in the Colosseum brickwork in Rome and taking a selfie with it.

Police say there were plenty of signs in both Italian and English warning people not to deface the walls. The two Californian women will now have to face a judge to see what penalty they will get.

Six million people visit the Rome Colosseum every year and many get away with graffiti and litter. In large part, the security staff is focused on preventing acts of terrorism over vandalism so often people get away with the act.

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Three months prior, a Russian tourist was jailed for four months and given a €20,000 penalty, the equivalent of $21,270. The American tourists have not yet received a punishment. A Canadian tourist was also charged after caught trying to steal a stone from the Colosseum, hiding it in his backpack.

The names of the two women have not been released but apparently they have apologized for their actions. What punishment do you think they deserve? Should they be fined, or do you think they also deserve jail time? Have you ever vandalized a historic monument? 

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