Color-blind People Are Spell-bound As They Experience Color For The First Time

Watch the video for the fascinated faces of these people who see red and pink for the first time.

Around 300 million people in this world are color-blind. Which means that they cannot tell the difference between red and green. And cannot pick out the slightly varying, delightful hues of purple and pink and yellow. For them, spring does not announce its arrival with a sudden blast of colors, and autumn does not drape leaves with reds and oranges and greens.

The world, with all its garish reds and subtle tones of violet, is a monochromatic experience with similar shades of brown and grey. And this is what Valspar, a painting company, realized. It also realized that no-one in the world should go without seeing all the colors of the spectrum, or without once experiencing the end of the day, as the red orb of the sun sinks deeper into the horizon.

So Valspar teamed up with scientists, ophthalmologists and EnChroma to create glasses that will help to separate the colors for such people. The folks over at Valspar then invited individuals who were color-blind. Many of them did not engage in activities as coloring and drawing as children, to avoid their problems. One man battled self-esteem issues as a young boy, thinking that perhaps he was not 'intelligent' enough like the others kids to be able to recognize colors.

And then, these people don the glasses. It is so easy, so moving to watch them being blown away. Awe-struck, they touch reds and oranges, and are completely lost in an experience that seems completely natural to us. And then there is the heart-breaking moment where they take off the glasses, to a world of flat and dull colors.

Watch this video to be more appreciative, more aware of the multitude of colors in your life.

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