This Superfan Cut Off His Nose To Look Like Red Skull From Captain America

This is comic book fandom at its extreme. It's one thing to be a diehard fan of a comic book character, but totally another to mutilate yourself just to emulate their looks.

Red Skull

This may sound a very extreme thing to do, but this level of fandom does exist in the world we live in.

At a four-day festival to spread awareness of tattoo culture in Venezuela and promote tattooing as an art form, a Captain America superfan was spotted with a cut off nose – exactly like Red Skull, the HYDRA commander who appears as a supervillain in the series.

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Here are his photos:

Red Skull Superfan

Red Skull Superfan

Red Skull Superfan

Red Skull Superfan

Red Skull Superfan

“I asked for a tomography of the nose and sinuses to assure me that it was OK for surgery. Henry (Damon), aka Red Skull, is a physically and intellectually healthy person,” said Emilio Gonzalez, the surgeon who performed the procedure on Damon. “He’s an excellent son, husband and father, who has an extreme taste for body modification.”

Oh, and Damon only answers now to his new name Red Skull. Also, he has plans for even more extreme surgeries.

“Next will be silicone implants on the cheekbones, chin and cheeks. Then we will tattoo his entire face red and then he will be Red Skull.”

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