Venezuelan Vet Held For Smuggling Heroin in Puppies

A veterinarian was doing more harm than good, smuggling liquid heroin in the bodies of young dogs.

Police in Spain have caught a Venezuelan vet that allegedly has been smuggling drugs by implanting puppies with liquid heroin.

Andres Lopez Elorza, 33, was arrested last week after police found out where he had gone into hiding following authorization of his extradition to the U.S., according to The Huffington Post.

Andres Lopez Elorza, Andres Lopez Elorza, veterinarian, charged with smuggling heroin inside puppies

Elorza allegedly smuggled heroin from Colombia where his veterinary practice was, to the U.S. and has been sought after by American authorities for ten years. Police said they began pursuing him after Colombian authorities found 6.6 pounds of heroin surgically implanted into three puppies in his veterinary practice in 2005.

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Elorza has been in Spain for eight years and although he was first caught in Spain in 2013, he was released while awaiting the outcome of the decision of whether or not to extradite him.

A Civil Guard spokeswoman said that while living in Spain Elorza had gotten married and worked at yet another veterinary clinic, but that his employers had spoken very highly of him. While he was in hiding after 2013 he cut off all contact with his new family so as not to be caught.  

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