Video of Sixteen-Year-Old British Boy Overcoming His Stammer By Using ‘The King’s Speech Method’


Sixteen-Year-Old Musharaf Asghar, a student at Thornhill Community Academy, had an extreme speech impediment, but adopted the same method used by Britain’s King George VI to overcome his almost crippling stammer.  He recently appeared in a BBC Channel 4 documentary series called 'Educating Yorkshire,' which captures the educational and social challenges he faced due to his handicap.

His stammer was so bad that he had to type things down instead of speaking them out loud and was the target of some bullying as well; but not anymore.  Musharaf Asghar, lovingly called Mushy, was helped by his English teacher using the same technique highlighted in the Oscar-nominated film, The King’s Speech.

"It's only cos I watched The King's Speech recently, and one of the things he does, he's similar to you he just can't get the words out. But he makes him listen to some music and do it again, have you got your phone with you? Use mine and I'll play you some awful music," he told Mushy. The student tried the method and it had an immediate effect.  

At the year-ending assembly, he gave a speech, of course with his headphones on, and thanked his teachers and fellow students. The transformation of a boy who could barely utter a single sentence to one cracking jokes and brimming with confidence left everyone in tears.

This moving video is worth watching at the beginning of your day or week as it motivates people to tackle the biggest hurdles and overcome all fears.  

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