Every Fleeting Fashion Trend From 100 Years In 1 Minute [VIDEO]

Watch as a model is transformed before our eyes into every popular trend from the past century.

Fashion never fails to fascinate. During the past century, the world embraced distinctive and awesomely insane fashion trends. From the Edwardian knot of the 1910s to the Afros of the glorious '70s, the immaculate braids of the '90s and the present-day casual, messy style, the past century was a rollercoaster ride through changing hairdos and fashions.

Cut.com, in its newest video, illustrates snippets from this rollercoaster ride. The model, Marshay, sits facing the camera as stylists transform her look according to the style statements of different decades. One moment, she is a stern, no-nonsense woman from the 1910s, the next, a fabulous, glittery reminiscence of the '20s. She poses as a '70s hippie before becoming a braided teenager of the '90s.

The video is perhaps the best reflection of the changing style statements from this century. 

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