Video Shows How Easy It Is To Drug Drinks

Always be alert. If you and your friends are planning to hit the town this weekend or visit a local bar, please remember to keep an eye on your drink.

Youtube star Joey Salads, known for his candid camera Youtube videos, decided to conduct a social experiment to see how easy it would be to slip a drug into the drink of females having a casual drink at a bar. So how hard is it to stealthily put a pill in a someone’s drink? This video demonstrated that it’s frighteningly easy.

Even a woman who has the foresight to ask a friend to watch her things while she’s in the bathroom gets a pill in her drink after the friend starts chatting up other bar patrons.

“Now you guys know to be careful in the future. Date rape with girls is a big problem,”  says Joey as he admonishes one young woman who failed to notice him slipping a small pill into her cocktail.

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After he revealed that he was doing the experiment the women reacted with shock that they were so easily duped and promised to keep a better eye on their drink.

“Always hold onto your drink, put a lid on it or don’t let it out of your sight,” warns Joey Salads at the end of the video.  “ Be safe.” 

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