NYPD Cops Caught Shoving And Tackling Pregnant Woman On Camera

NYPD is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.


The footage shows the police tackling a pregnant woman down on the ground, and they are pretty rough while they’re at it.

43-year-old Sandra Amezquita who is 5-months pregnant landed face down with one of the officers riding on her back.

"Oh my God she's pregnant,” one bystander shouts.

A female friend came forward to intervene and was pushed away by the police with enough to land several feet away.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by local police watch group El Grito de Sunset Park.

"What we see is a woman who's trying to protect her son, who is being stopped and frisked by police, and she became a victim. Slammed onto the floor," said Dennis Flores, of El Grito de Sunset Park. "Her belly is now with black and blue bruises. She's bleeding and she's having complications."

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Police said they were arresting Amezquita’s 17-year-old son, John Lemos for possessing a knife. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest and harassment. The teenager has been arrested five times, including once for gang assault and robbery.

The NYPD says its internal affairs division is investigating the unpleasant incident.

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