Vintage Ads That Make You Glad You Didn't Live Back Then

The outright sexism in some of these ads would never fly today.

It's fun to see the glamorous women of ages past, like Audrey Hepburn, Josephine Baker, or Rita Hayworth. But when you take a look at some of these vintage ads, there's very little left to make you yearn for "the good old days." Pretty much, what you'd face as a woman if you lived back then would be physical abuse, constant insults toward your self esteem and intelligence, and possibly even justified murder. Things aren't perfect today, but it sure makes me glad I live now and not then. 

However, it's no wonder that women still face ridiculous sexist hurdles today. After being conditioned for so long that this sort of thinking is acceptable, that cycle becomes difficult to break. 

Here are just some of the ads that contributed to sexist thinking years ago. 

Yes, I just love your arrogant, cancer causing fumes in my face. 

Vintage sexist ad

VWs were known for creating innovative ad campaigns that broke the mold. Despite that, they conformed to sexist sentiments pretty ridiculously. 

old car

Oh, you look different and actually have unique characteristics? You're probably ugly then, according to this ad. 

vintage sexist advertisements

Um, do I even need to explain this? 

vintage sexist advertising posters

Not only were women expected to clean all day long, they had to be cute while at it too. 

vintage sexist commercials

Yep, that tie will really show your wife who's boss. Especially the chopsticks going through the moon one. 

vintage sexist commercials sexism

Not even any sense of subtlety here. 

vintage sexist advertisements

Does this scream pedophile to anyone else? 

Shockingly Sexist Vintage Ads

First of all, I'm freaked out by that dentist. Second of all, I'm going to take your job and put you out of business. 

Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Ads

Physical abuse looks like so much fun! 

Vintage Sexist Ads
I wonder what ads from today will be looked at in 50 years and shown as examples of blatant sexism. 

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