How Would You React If You Saw A Woman Hitting A Man?

A public experiment shows how differently people react to a woman being attacked by a man compared to the other way around.

The video above is a public experiment by ManKind initiative, a group committed to ensuring that male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence also receive the help they need.

The UK-based organization challenges the lack of awareness and recognition of violence against men by society in general.

The social experiment shows a couple, two actors, walking down a busy London street when suddenly the man starts verbally abusing his girlfriend.

After he starts to get physically violent with his partner, several people immediately come to the woman’s rescue and even threaten to call the police.

Moments later, the roles are reversed and that's when the harsh reality of domestic abuse comes to into perspective.

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ManKind Initiative claims that around “40 percent of domestic abuse is against men in the UK.”

The Office For National Statistics (ONS) UK also highlighted violence against men in its recent report, which states that on average, about seven women and two men are killed by their current or former partner every month in England and Wales.

“In 2012/13, around two-thirds of homicide victims were male (69 percent, 380 victims) and one-third were female (31 percent, 171 victims), similar to that in previous years (68 percent were male in previous three years).”

“It should be noted that of the 172 victims of Harold Shipman recorded in 2002/03, 130 were women. Among those victims aged under 1 year old, 50 percent were male,” stated ONS.

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