Virgin America Just Released The Most Awesome Pre-Flight Safety VIDEO, Includes Nun


Virgin America Airlines has come up with the most entertaining, and dare I say it, sexiest in-flight safety videos the world has seen.

Packed with hot chicks, great talent and an out-of-place nun, this video is a fun watch. 

Virgin is a brand that rises to the top when it comes to connecting with its customers. In fact, this is a core value for Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson.

How many of us pay attention to flight safety videos or dedicate our undivided attention to the flight attendant dutifully demonstrating all the safety information passengers are required to know?

Not too many I imagine.

Recognizing the need for something fresh and new while sticking to Virgin’s musical roots, this sassy video explores different genres of music and dance. And you cannot help but be entertained.

Branson Tweeted the following yesterday:-

If you are an ‘American Idol’ or ‘So You Think You Can Dance” fan, then you will recognize some familiar faces amongst the dancers, singers and choreographers.

Director of Hollywood dance blockbusters like Step Up, Jon M. Chu, did a pretty good job of entertaining viewers throughout the 5-minute-video using just one set.

Watch the video above.

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