Vogue Magazine Website Has Hilarious, Probably Unauthorized Easter Egg

The Vogue website is an unlikely place to find a piece of gamer lore buried within.

Picture your typical reader of Vogue magazine. I'm thinking female, 30-55, cares about fashion, but in a more high-brow way than, say, Cosmopolitan. Someone who wants a women's magazine that doesn't feel trashy, or that can't always be counted on for a headline like "17 Ways to Make Him Scream."

Alright, now picture your typical gamer. Probably an adolescent male, at least a little disheveled, looks completely different dressed up, drinks too much soda and/or smokes too much pot.

How would these two worlds ever meet? Outside of a Knocked Up-style romantic comedy? The answer: through an unlikely easter egg on the Vogue website. An easter egg is something hidden within the programming of a website that can only be found through typing in a random code. In this case, however, the code isn't random: it's the Konami code.

If a cartoon question mark just appeared over your head, ask around, and before long (even, apparently, at the offices of Vogue magazine), someone will respond with: "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start." They might even subconsciously move their fingers as if they were quickly tapping out those buttons on a nintendo controller. The konami code unlocks all sorts of powers in all sorts of nintendo games, mostly famously Contra, but plenty more across multiple gaming systems, even including Dance Dance Revolution.

So, here's what you do: go to the British Vogue website and tap out the konami code using the arrow keys, the letters b and a, and "enter" instead of "start."

Then a dinosaur wearing a hat pops up at the bottom of the screen and zips away.

Either this was the work of a rogue programmer or Vogue's audience is a lot broader than I realized.

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