Running Out Of Ideas, Volkswagen Turns To Its German Engineers To Create The Perfect Super Bowl Ad


You know Volkswagen’s creative team has run out of ideas when they hand over the task to create the perfect Super Bowl 2014 ad to the company’s engineers.

In the new teaser commercial prepared for the most-watched annual broadcasting event in the country, VW blends almost every successful super bowl ad into one.

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Featuring Carmen Electra, puppies, babies, Lincoln and sumo wrestlers, the one-minute clip takes a jab at the annual race, brands engage in, to come up with the best Super Bowl commercial.

The all-in-one spot seems a bit messy, however, isn’t controversial unlike its predecessor.

Last year, Volkswagen’s Super Bowl spot featuring a ‘white’ office worker speaking to his colleagues in a thick Jamaican accent cause quite a stir.

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