Strangers Come Together To Help A Blind Man Read

The Internet isn't just a place where trolls hang out. There are nice people out there as well.

The simplest of joys of life, which most of us take for granted, sometimes mean so much more to people who don't have those luxuries in life, like the gift of sight.

The story is of a blind man from Nunhead, southeast London, whose job ad for someone to read to him went viral after someone took a photo of it and posted on Twitter.

The 34-year-old Andrew Bailey lost his eyesight from Friedreich's ataxia – a degenerative disease – some 15 years ago. Of the many things he misses because of his medical condition is the joy of reading. So, he asked his caregiver to put a simple note at a local bookstore, looking for someone to read to him in their spare time.

As soon as the snapshot of Bailey's note was posted online, he got inundated with folks willing to help him in his desire to read more literature. As of this moment, the note has been retweeted 1,634 times, and Bailey is getting new volunteers every day.

"I've really missed reading ... I did get a really great deal from [reading]," Bailey told Channel 4 News. "I should have done this many years ago. I just said, why not advertise for someone to come in and give me back the enjoyment I used to get."

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