Walter Cronkite's Ominous Takedown From 1st Earth Day Still Rings True

How much has changed since the first Earth Day in 1970? Walter Cronkite gives a prophetic answer.

Climate change is a fraud perpetrated people who want to distract from other pressing national concerns. Environmentalism is a buzzword, global warming is an establishment trick.

Do these arguments sound familiar? Apparently, not much has changed since 1970, when Walter Cronkite took to the airways on first Earth Day in a verbal smack down of those who deny our responsibility to protect the planet's health. 

Perhaps it's a bit depressing that Cronkite's speech about the dangers of excessive consumption and the need for an environmental revolution could just as easily be given on Earth Day 44 years later.  

As Cronkite so perfectly and succinctly puts it, "Perhaps for a generation or more, it will be frighteningly costly to each of us to clean up the mess each of us has made."

And that's the way it is. 

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