Want Your Parents To Say "Yes" To Something? Try This Phone Prank

Here's a prank that you're going to definitely want to try out for yourself. Or not, depending on how much you value your continued well-being.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a text message exchange between him and his hapless parents.

Phone Prank

But first, some backstory: "Brendan," as his parents call him, changed the shortcuts on both of his parents' phones so that the word "no" would be autocorrected into, well, a word or phrase of the puppetmaster's choice.

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For his mom, he had "no" convert automatically into "HELL YES."

For his dad, he went with the even less subtle (an achievement, truly) "WHERE MY BiTCHES AT."

And here's what transpired.

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Mashable points out that Brendan has not had much online activity in the days following. Uh oh.

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The prank itself is an oldie but a goldie, as they say. Here's some of the best autocorrect pranks that have made the rounds on the interwebs in the past:

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