Stupid or Lucky? Man Films Tornado Coming Directly At His House In Washington VIDEO

Kris Lancaster of Washington, Ill. recorded this harrowing video from outside his home.

The footage is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. The sights and sounds are nerve-wracking.

A powerful tornado hit the area on Sunday leaving thousands of homes damaged or destroyed.

Kris films the destruction caused by the tornado. Little did he know that moments later, he would also be caught up in the eye of the storm. “I was feeling devastated watching it tear up the neighborhood as it came to me and I actually thought it was going to curve and at the last second it didn’t curve,” he said “I took off running, trying to get in and watched my whole house just vanish around me as it was flying by me as I’m trying to get to the steps.”

His wife Mandy didn’t know what her husband was up to. She had taken refuge in the basement with their children, their godchild and two nieces.

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn declared 13 counties disaster areas.

Early estimates suggested that the property damage caused by the storm could reach $1 billion, with the greatest toll in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri.

Tornadoes also caused major damage in Indiana and lesser damage in Ohio, according to the National Weather Service.

A Chicago Bears’ game against the Baltimore Ravens at Soldier Field was halted midway and fans were asked to seek shelter from the storm. Chicago's two major airports also briefly stopped traffic as the metropolitan area was under a tornado watch.

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