Twitter Obliterates Washington Redskins For This Thanksgiving Tweet

Twitter blasted the team for having the audacity to tweet about Thanksgiving, given the racially insensitive team name.

The racist football team whose mascot is unendingly offensive to Native Americans just tweeted for us to all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Apparently, the irony escapes them.

The Washington Redskins have been mired in controversy for years; their mascot is both disrespectful and terribly named, yet the team maintains that it acts as a symbol of support and respect for Native Americans. Sure.

In a someone-should-get-fired PR move, the team sent out its annual Thanksgiving tweet—not exactly a wise decision, considering their name hails from a racial slur toward the indigenous people involved in Thanksgiving that white colonizers later essentially wiped out. Twitter made its feelings known about this, as Twitter usually does.

The team’s recent news that they would be playing in London in 2016 caused the Oneida Indian Nation to release a statement of outrage, saying that, “At a time when the United States is desperately trying to fortify its international relationships, the NFL has decided to go on the world stage and promote an ugly racial epithet slurring indigenous people all over the world. This is not only offensive, but also at odds with American interests across the globe at this critical time. We need to show respect to our foreign allies -- the NFL choosing to slur people of color at a high-profile international event does the opposite.

Everyone’s point? It’s 2015, change the damn mascot.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @Redskins

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